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Our mini cakes are designed to give you the opportunity to enjoy in the different flavors and types that we offer, and for you to serve all of them to your loved ones. They truly represent the look and quality that we want to inspire.

Mini Opera raspberry: The combination of raspberries and chocolate is one of the world's best fusion treats. Our Opera is made of flour-free cocoa biscuit, ganache chocolate cream and a fine layer of raspberries. This mini cake is topped with a glossy chocolate glaze and sprinkled with lyophilized raspberry.

Mini Concerto: The combination of chocolate mousse, ganache chocolate cream, crust and crunchy biscuits, is designed to satisfy any great lover of true cocoa taste.

Mini Salted caramel: The main winner of all cakes lovers is our salted caramel ganache cream, combined with the crispy crust of hazelnuts and topped with milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts!

Mini Vanilla finger: The finest combination of vanilla, white chocolate and marzipan mousse, with crispy almond biscuits and creamy salted caramel, seductively captivates anyone who tastes this exquisite mini cake.

Mini Vienna: Creamy cake with delicate milk chocolate mousse, pistachio cream, thin layer of marzipan and crispy cocoa crust are an inevitable association of traveling to Vienna.

Mini Cappuccino: Crispy meringues, white chocolate, coffee ganache and cinnamon mousse for the delicate cappuccino taste you love.

Mini Cherry velvet: Soft and juicy red cocoa crusts, cream cheese and fine cherry jelly for a quick trip to New York!

Mini Coconut: Light coconut panacotta with sautéed pineapple and mango puree, thin coconut crust and fine strawberry jam paired for a refreshing tropical experience.

Mini Choux: Delicious choux with craqueline and hazelnut crème. In the very center of the soft crème insert, you will be surprise by an intense praline paste.

Mini Orange-almond : Almonds and orange combined in this special little treat, with crème cheese, candied orange peels, grounded almonds, thin almond crust and marzipan.

Mini Medovik - Honey cake : We make it with several thin crusts that smell deliciously of honey and butter, and the cream is based on cream, walnuts and, again - honey, by which this cake is named.

Boxes - Packages:

250 gr ... 8 pieces of different cakes

500 gr ... 16 pieces (2 cakes of 8 kinds)

1000 gr ... 32 pieces (4/8 pieces of several types)

NOTE: The number of cakes is indicative, 1kg Mini cakes contain up to 38 pieces depending on the cakes you choose.
Please mention which 8 types of cakes you would like!