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The favorite cake in the court of the Russian Emperors, this dessert is now celebrated by the famous Cafe Pouchkine, in Paris. Medovik intoxicates with its golden color, freshness and taste.
We make it with seven thin crusts that smell deliciously of honey and butter, and the cream is based on cream, walnuts and, again - honey, by which this cake is named.
If you enjoy soft and fresh cakes, this is the right cake for you.

AVAILABILITY: available all year long.
Please place your order at least 3 days in advance (72h).

ALLERGENS: honey, nuts, lactose, gluten.

SERVING: 600 gr (4 to 6 pieces)/ 1 kg (8 to 10 pieces)/ 1,5 kg (12 to 14 pieces).

Store in a refrigerator at 5°C.
Expiration date printed on the back of the cake board or 4 days after delivery.

The look of each cake is unique. The cake you order will be prepared according to the model on the picture. Deviations in final glazing may be present.